Smooth Pan and tilt issues

Hello there, so I’ve been programming my show with a few movers that have live transitions but the pan and tilt movement is not smooth when I play back the cues it’s moving like a stair step going up and over up and over up and over up and over with pauses between them  until it hits final place instead of a nice smooth movement. Is this something I can fix though the board (using an ion) or are the fixtures I am using just crap?

Thank you.

  • How slow is the movement you are trying to make as if its slow you tend to see the issues with the fixtures.

    Are they 8bit pan /tilt not 16 bit.    If they are and the movement is say 10 seconds then you will see it junping.  You maybe able to hide it if you can control the motor speed on a dmx parameter (which you usually can) in which case set it slow enough when running the slow effect that ir appears smooth

    (for info if the fixtures have a pan rrange of about 500 degress which is typical then if you only have 8 bit each step is 500/255  ie about 2 degress , so it the lamp is 10m from its target that's a 35 cm jump each time it moves by a single increment in the dmx value)