ION "Learn" Button Turn it Off

Hi, hoping I can have soon a reply. I'm trying to turn off the "Learn" button on ION but just don't seem to find the way to do it. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you

  • Uhm, is it currently blinking (then press it again to stop the blinking) or you want it completely deactivated so it's ignored every time you press it by mistake (which isn't possible)?

  • Hi and thank you for the quick response.

    It is not blinking just solid green light On and on screen timecode is green with message "Learning (Int Off) and I don't remember seeing this On when running my showfiles in the past.

    Also for some reason when triggering cues with the Go Button this changes my timecode set for that cue, also now in my cue stack appears a Plus + sign in front of each timecode cue ... any suggestion for these two other things? I thank you much for your input.

  • you're in timecode learning mode. so everytime you press Go the console writes down the current timecode time for each cue (and in the future will play back those cues as soon as the timecode reaches that time).

    to get out of timecode mode make sure that the ShowControl tab is active (gold border around it) and press Learn.

    you should then load an older version of your showfile since you have changed show data (the timecode stamps for each cue)

  • Hi Queliriegg, thank you for your guidance, seems like now I know how to turn the Learn Button Off! ... I've read numerous times the operational manual and does mentions only the how to turn it On but not the how to turn it Off and it was frustrating not to know, so once again thank you and I guess I know now the guidance channel during my ETC ION adventure.