Fixture Profile Issue - GLP x4L Foreground Color


i have some problems of setting up Colors by Gelnumbers with a GLP x4L in extended Mode.

While Colors are sepperated in Foreground & Background it seems the Color picker and all commands like @3/106 are not working.

the only option i can see is setting the Colors in the fixture as (Color) and (Color1)

Any Ideas on this?

checked on v2.8.3


  • Hi Mathilda,

    I'm trying to test this out in current software (v2.9.1) but I'm unsure what fixture profile you have been using. Are you using the GLP - Impression X4 XL? If so, what mode are you using this in? 

    If possible, please update your software to the latest to see if there have been updates to the profile you are using. 



  • Hello Therese,

    sorry for writing the mode.

    I used the x4L in extended mode.

    And the Colors labeld as "foreground" and "background".

    Because, like the Martin Aura XB the GLP uses 2 different waysof Color mixing. The fourground can be seen on stage. the Background can be seen only by looking into the 'beam'. this is good for on Stage booms and stuff.

    But neither the Foreground nore the background-Color are able to use the Colorpicker or gel-notation (like @ 3/106).

    so i changed the foreground-color to 'normal' red,green,blue and copied the DMX-Values into the background-color.



  • Hi there,

    Working in v2.9.1 I seem to be able to use the Color Picker in ML Controls to manipulate the RGBW values for the foreground color. I'm not sure if the background color is meant to have the same option, but currently I can manipulate the background color using the BGnd color encoders. 

    In the attached picture, I was able to choose Lee 200 (3/200) from the color picker in ML controls and it affected the Red, Green, Blue, White, Hue and Saturation parameters of the profile. When choosing colors in the color picker, do you see the values for these parameters change as well? 

    It may be most helpful to work with you over the phone to troubleshoot in real time. I've created a notification in the ETC Technical Support database so that if you call, you may reference 300817724 and my colleagues and I can assist you further. Our number is 800-688-4116.



  • Hello Therese,

    i updated my own  console yesterday and the new fixture-profile is looking good.

    There is also a 2 Cell mode which is nice. But the category "Background" is only helpfull for me seeing what color i'm manipulating. The Colorpicker is not working with it.

    I will use the 2cell extended mode in my upcoming Projekt (4Days of Jazz on a festival).

    And will alter the Backgroundcolor to"normal" color attributes, so i can use the colorpicker and assign Gels. Even recall colors from the 'foreground' and other fixtures can than be possible.

    It's nothing that is worrying me. So i prefere not calling you.

    Never the less the Background lights are only for spezial atmo-lighting. Don't know if we are realy using them 

    It's just "in case of..." ; )

    Thanks so fare. If there is anything to report, i will be here to write it down.



  • i agree that using "BGnd Red" instead of just red in cell 2 is against the whole idea why MC was introduced. it was about being able to use the same color parameters for different things within the same channel. cell 2 (the "background cell" should use the same parameter names as the "foreground cell", which is Red, Green, Blue, White.

    can we please change this fixture? and have a general look at non-colorpicker-able color parameters being used in multicell when the "real" color parameters could be used? during development of 2.7 the library was searched for such cases and whenever possible we used the same parameter names in the cells. it would be a shame if we didn't apply the same ideas to fixtures that were added later on...

  • Hi & , I just wanted to confirm that the issue we are looking to correct here only exists in the MC versions of this profile. If I am in ML controls and trying to edit the color of Cell 2 (typing on the command line "Chan 1 Cell 2") to a specific gel color, I am able to do so. It sounds like we are looking for the capability to do this when manipulating the general Chan 1 in ML controls. 

    I am not positive if there is a reason the background color parameters are not using the regular RGBW parameter, but I will see if we can get this rearranged to allow for the same color control of both cells from the ML controls screen of Chan 1. 



  • Hello Therese,

    i also tryed to set gel color at cell 2.

    In Tab1(Live) as in Tab5(ML cont.), PopUp ML cont, F7.

    As long as there is the name "Background" for the Color-parameter, i can't use the colorpicker or Gel selection.

    If this would be possible in the Future, as you said, is would be nice to look into all the other color parameters that can be assigned in the Fixture editor.