Wishes in patch



I want to step thru the addresses and turn on dimmers (With flash) and then patch them and keep going to next. this is almost working.

This is how I got it to work now:

Patch-Format (So I get to Patch Address) Address 1 and turn on {Flash}. Next, next next... I get to Address 5 and want that on ch 10. Then I have to type 5 [at] 10 enter. then 6(to get address 6 selected) turn on flash and [next] to keep going. Re selecting the address I'm flashing to patch it, and then re select addresses and turn on flash each time I patched a address.

How I would like it to work:

Patch, Format. Address 1 {flash} next, next... until Address 5 there just press [at]10 enter, and then Next to go to next. Keeping selection and flash on. That would really speed things up.