Bugged labels for macro direct selects?

I'm having a weird issue where labels on macros aren't showing up in a direct select pane. If I use the arrows to "flip though", they show up, but if I type a # to jump to a specific range, they don't appear, just the small grey macro # in the bottom corner. They show up just fine in custom direct select panes. And I don't have issues with other types of targets (palettes, presets, etc).(EOS Classic, v2.9.1) Anyone had this issue? I don't know if it's new in this version; I'm changing up my screen layouts a bit and trying it this way for the first time in a while.

  • I‘ve started experiencing a similar bug that I think might be related to this.

    If I have direct selects in workspace 2, but I record an all workspaces/direct selects/custom ds snapshot while workspace 1 is visible, then the direct selects in workspace 2 do not always populate correctly when I recall the snapshot. I’ve found that if I go into the workspace with the direct selects and recall the snapshot again, then navigate back to that workspace, then it populates as normal, but sometimes I have to do this twice in a row.

  • This sounds like something we saw in an older version of code.  What version are you running, Cody?

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