Shutter Blade - what will be 100%


i havethe feeling that more and more Fixtures are now able to push the Shutter Blades over the hole Beam erea.

In the beginning is was only just to the middle.

This will give some more options, indeed. But if i set up different Fixtures and say "Shutter A Thrust @50" they will behave different.

Even the Shutter Blade visualisation in the expanded encoder view is not showing 100% what is going on on stage (anymore).

Here comes my question.

Is it possible, on a fixture base, to match the Shutter visualisation and the fixtures possibilitys?

And what will be a Shutter Blade @ 100% and/or 50% in the Future?


If you can edit the behaviour on a fixture base, maybe you can different max ranges? Wich means, if the fixture can push over the Blade to the other side, it max will be 100%.

If it only can push the Blade to the center, it max will be 50%.

Just some thoughts