Bug with Park channels

Hi guys!

Currently I work in a theatre, where they use gio @5 with softwere 2.8.2. There is a problem, that Park channels from previous shows are imported in new show altough i'm createing a new show. I think this is not normal... so is this allready fixed in next updates or what, cuz it's anoying to fix this manually everytime. Thans for answers.

  • What exactly do you mean when you say "creating a new show"? Do you choose File>New?

    It's expected behaviour that parked channels stay parked when you open another showfile (and don't select the park option in the open dialogue).

  • Exactly File>New, and they are not shown as they are parked, but they are. Park on screan is empty, but they are parked in new show file from previous show.