using ion as on PC command wing

I have an ION that runs on Windows XP, which will no longer be able to update to 2.8 and above. However I can update my laptop and run the system through there, so I was wondering how I could connect my laptop to use the ION as a programming wing, or if it is possible at all?

  • The XP Ions can't go to 3.0, but they can still go to 2.9.1.

    To connect an Ion to a laptop as a client (to use it like a programming wing) you would have to have the same software version on both the Ion and your laptop.

  • Just to make sure you are aware, you can arrange with ETC to have a Windows 7 rebuild done on your Ion.  It gets a new motherboard, SSD hard drive, and several other nice things.  The cost is somewhere between $2400-$2500.  You might want to consider giving ETC Tech Services a call (608-831-4116) and talking it over with them.  Sadly, the Eos Classic consoles don't qualify for the rebuild, which is my situation.