Pan Tilt Issues

We have some new MLs and I built the Lighthack box (no encoders on ELE2) and everything works really well. Something I don't understand though;

When I 'home' P&T they show -270 and -135 and the little yellow dot in the "XY Window" sits bottom left. If I adjust  - lets say Pan; as I move away from -270 toward zero, I see the dot moving to the right BUT the lamp does not move! Once I go past 0 (center vertical line) the lamp starts to move and by +270 has rotated 1 and 3/4 times.  Same for tilt; No movement until I move into positive territory when things proceed as expected. I was wondering if there is any setting in the EOS I can set so I spread P&T movement through the negative and positive range?

  • Is this a standard fixture patch or a custom one you have created,  sounds like something is strange with the ranges defined in the patch. Can you screenshot the screen for the fixture in patch that shows the dmx value ranges and user range value and home values.  And post here.

  • Aha, you got me there. I could not find a profile for them so I wrote my own (my first)! We use it in mode 12 and I've attached a combined screen shot of my (Edit) "Ridgeyard" and a clean version of the hard to read 'manual'. Note, the fixture 'jumps' the Pan and tilt Coarse and Fine DMX addresses;  7 and 9 for Pan and 8 and 10 for tilt. I appreciate your looking at this for me. If this is unreadable I can send you separate screen shots (cropped)


  • If you click on the range -270 270 can we see the screenshot of how the range is defined,

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