Colour picker gel colours totally wrong for ETC Lustr+

When trying to use the gel colour picker for my ETC Source Four Lustr+ and Desire D40 fixtures, the colour picker colours are totally wrong. For example, when trying to make the fixtures R65 I get red at 91, amber at 100, lime at 100, green at 27, blue at 0, indigo at 100, and cyan at 100. 


Fixture library Version September. 24 2019

Any help?

  • is this a new showfile or one that you brought over from older versions? to check this: select a channel that is patched as D40, open About and then in the very right hand side of About click Fixture Notes. which revision number and release date does your personality have? in a new showfile you should have Revision 14, 11 Jan 2018.

    for a D40 Lustr+ in Direct mode i get Red=0, Amber=13, Green=100, Blue=100, Indigo=11, Cyan=100 and White=100 which feels like this could work

  • This is an older show file. We normally load our default show and work from there. I just noticed the problem on our last show and worked around it. I am showing Revision 11 Release Date: 11 January 2018. 

  • you can update the personality. the way this works: when patching a fixture type the first time within a showfile Eos copies the personality from the library to the showfile and will work with this copy from now on. this is to ensure that the show will still look the same even if you update the console software or the library.

    if you're sure you want to use the current version of the personality (and are aware that this will change exisitng cues and palettes and presets in this showfile) you can go to Patch > Fixtures. on the right hand side there is the list of all personalities that were copied into this showfile. white font means they are currently patched to a channel, grey means they were once patched (hence copied into the showfile) but are currently not used in the show. every personality with an asterisk in the name have a personality update available.
    with the arrow keys you select a personality and then click the softkey Update Profile.

    this action is not undoable! but if you load an older version of the showfile you will of course be back with the older version of the personality.

  • I have an older show file with many profiles having *. The "Update Profile" button doesn't work in this file on a classic Win 7 Ion and on a Mac Nomad. Other show files do work on these machines. What should I do to find the problem and fix it.

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