Adding new fixtures to base color palettes

Hi All,

I'm trying to experiment with a faster (automated) way to add new fixtures to my By Type base color pallets.

In my showfile I have a series of 10 Generic palettes for each of RGB,CMY,CTO,CTB that Increase by 10. so CP101-103 is Red 10, 20, 30 and so on.

While searching around the forums and FB page I see a lot of people use a master "dummy" fixture to recall the data from.

The problem I'm having is that when I take my new fixture, lets just say a ColorForce II for simplicity, and try to recall the color values from the master dummy fixture, in this case generic >RBGAW. So I did CP101-105 enter (X) recall from (X)

The result being not all the color pallets have the same hard data. The RGB CP values all match correctly but not so much with Amber. For example my amber at 100 CP for the CFII gets populated as R:12 G:02 B:0 A:100. Where is the console getting the 12% and 2% values for Red and Green from?

The results are even further off when trying to add a new CMY fixture into my CMY CP that have a generic CMY fixture as the By Type fixture.

Unless Im doing something wrong, I don't see the time savings in this process if I have to go through all the palettes to make sure all the data is correct anyway. 

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