Where is the Live_Moves softkey?

I go into the macro editor to write a macro instead of Learn-ing the macro.  I want to create

      Query Focus Is_In Live_Moves. 

To put in softkeys, I look at the CIA list of soft keys, but I can't find the Live_Moves there.  If I Learn the macro it puts it in. 

How do I put Live_Moves softkey in a macro without Learning it?

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  • One thing you can do is learn the missing buttons into separate macros and then when you want to use them you can just reference them in the macro you are directly entering.

    ie then instead of trying to enter

       Query Focus Is_In Live_Moves

    you can use

       Query Focus Is_In Macro_Button 101

    where macro 101 just contains Live_Moves that you recorded with Learn