The Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade program will come to an end December 31, 2020

Hi everyone.  We wanted to give you a heads up about this long-standing program.   In the fall of 2014, we began a program that allowed most XP-based devices in the product family to be upgraded to a Windows 7 OS.   The major exemption to this was Eos Classic - as Win 7 drivers were not available for the internal touch screens.  We'd like to advise you all that this program will be ending on December 31, 2020.   As such, any RMAs for upgrades need to be submitted to ETC repairs by close of business on New Years Eve.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your local dealer/distributor.

Thanks much!


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  • Good morning.

    I am being asked by my institutions administration if there is any estimate on how long the upgrade/rebuild will extend the life of a classic console?  Might there be any information on this?  I understand there are a lot of variables that could effect this.

  • It's difficult to quantify. Certainly the upgrade would allow the console to run v3.0 and take upgrades of that version indefinitely. There was an article ( that I can't find) that mentioned the upgrade refreshing the warranty on the console and that was the case when I upgraded one of our Ions a few years ago.

    Eventually, some feature is going to be introduced that requires more resources than a Win7 Ion classic can comfortably run. That feature might never matter to you or might be compelling enough to trigger a replacement with one of the newer consoles.

  • As a followup to this thread.  Due to Covid-19 the end of this plan has been extended currently to March 31, 2021.