[Feature Request] Better Merging

I find myself merging content in from various shows fairly often and have a couple of feature requests for the merge process:

1) Actual Merge not Overwrite Option

2) Advanced Merge

1) Actual Merge not Overwrite Option

I really like the idea of having a central repository of files I can merge from for things such as Fixture Types. However, the problem for me is that they need to all be in the file otherwise when I import say R13 for a specific mover, it will overwrite my existing R13 for the other fixtures in the show. Having the option to say Merge content and only overwrite if there is a clash would be amazing. For example, If I have content for a Spot Mover by type and Import the content for a wash we have added to the show, I wouldn't loose the data for the Spot. Obviously maintaining the ability to completely replace the target is also important for when I want that.

2) Advanced Merge Features

It would also be really good if we could have a more advanced merge. Some of the ideas I have had:

- Ability to see items in the show file without opening it to find numbers. This could be similar to the dialog boxes that pop up when making fixtures in patch that show all the various content such as palettes and effects with their label.

- Ability to update imported content during merge, for example If I have a cue list and patch and am moving the patch up 1000 to only use as a reference, the merge also moving the channel data in the cues to the new numbers would be amazing, same with palettes and such.

- More fluid selection. Currently I am limited to a start and stop number. Doing 1 thru 100 - 71 would be amazing. As would 1 thru 100 - *.2 for example, to deselect all .2 cues from the import.

- A staggered merge (Or way of doing the following example). When importing channels, it's possible you don't want them on the same Universe. For example Houselights into a touring showfile. Being able to import them with everything such as curves, custom profiles, labels and address, but change the universe on merge so it doesn't clash would be amazing. Currently you have to open the donor showfile, move things, save, re-open your showfile and then merge.