[Feature Request] New Advanced SVG Symbol Type

I often use Magic Sheets with custom symbols for various fixtures. It feels like that aspect of the desk has been left behind to some degree in comparison to recent updates. I would love to see this aspect brought into the new age as it were with the following features:

- Multi Cell Support

- Imbedded Channel support

- Support for a Beam that acts slightly differently.

The first (Multi Cell Support) is really needed now that we have an official way to do multi-cells that a fixture for each cell. It would be great to be able to drop a single SVG in and have it show all of the cells in the correct layout. Furthering this is Imbedded Channel support, this would be amazing for things such as set pracs where I can build them into there positions when making the SVG for the set then they are automatically applied.

Lastly is beam support. I usually add a beam SVG with the fixture one, as a way to see when the channel is outputting in a nice visual way. This could be improved with a layer dedicated to that which can do some special features. It would be better if the layer was completely transparent when the channel was out, this way you don't have the beam still showing if you have a coloured background, pipes or truss. It would also help keep everything together as it would just apply.

To make all this work you could use a layer system like below:

etc_symbol_outline - The Outline of the symbol same as currently

etc_symbol_base - The alterable base of the symbol, same as currently

etc_symbol_fill - An un-alterable base of the symbol or to act as a backing colour to the base layer above

etc_symbol_beam - The beam layer (Fully transparent when fixture @ 0)

Then to accomplish the Multicell and Imbedded Channelling, add the suffix:

_master - For the master fixture

_cellX - For cells in the multicell

_ChX - For imbedded channels

The further Imbedded channels in a way that means we still have control over them in terms of when to show linked to color & intensity we could add:

_I - Intensity Reactive only

_C - Color Reactive only

_IC - Intensity and Color reactive

So for example you may have:



These small improvements to the currently limited SVG system would allow much more and easier control over the magic sheet displays in a way that helps bring them inline with the current abilities of the desk.

  • I requested this back in May 2014 so hopefully they will get around to this soon.

    On some long running show where time permits I will draw a big set piece with each layer being a channel. At the moment I need to break this big drawing up into piece and then bring into Eos and put back together.

    It would be much easier if it could stay as one with the channels hard code into it.

    This is 23 drawing currently.

    This is 46!

  • What I'm missing is a layer which is affected by nothing, only for drawing.

  • since this seems to have become a small repository of svg improvements: i'd like to get a tag that i can put into a svg file to tell Eos to which object type this symbol should refer to as soon as it's added to a magic sheet. of yourse you could still change that. but the stock objects "know" if they're a group, or a channel by default. if i import a moving light graphic i will usually use it to represent a channel, so if i could add <eos_object_default="Chan"> to the svg file that would speed it up.