• The first you post is for wireless DMX. If it will work I can't say but it won't be the consoles fault.

    That is some crap stuff and can get interference from alot of things like WiFi, cell phones and so on.

    I would go with cables if I had to pick. But yea, with a 5 to 3 pin converter they should work with Eos.

    The lights do not take DMX what I can see. So it is only sound activity on them. So no control from the console there.

  • It says dmx512 under specifications if you scroll down

  • OK. Then it would take signal from eos.

  • Yes but you will need to create a patch profile for it as the actual assignment of pan/tilt/focus/intensity/color wheel/gobos differs between different moving heads depending on the software in the fixture.  That's not hard if you know what you are doing or you maybe able to get ETC to do it for you but as these are very low cost generic brand lights there wont be a named profile already in existence on the desk.

    Also watch out for the spec of these as the heading says 30W but the spec text says 10W and at 10W that's not going to be very useful on a stage.  

  • from what ive read these lights are in the fixture library

  • It's a musical so we're basically just going to be using them for musical numbers