Recalling presets with intensity links

According to the manual P238, Recalling Presets:

[Channel List] [Preset] [7] [Enter] [At] [/] [5] [Enter] - recalls preset 7 for selected channels.
Intensity values will be recalled at 50% of their recorded state. The intensity link is
maintained. If the intensity change is desired the user either needs to update the preset to
maintain the change and the link. Storing the data to another record target would break
the link and make the data absolute.

When I do this, no link to the preset exists.  I update the preset and the value doesn't change like it says. It stores the correct value, but not linked to the preset.

The syntax:

[1] [Recall From] [Preset] [1] [At] [5] [0] [Enter] - recalls the intensity of channel 1 from
preset 1 at 50% of the stored value. If channel 1 was set to 50 in preset 1, it’s recalled
value would be 25.

also fails to create a link to the preset.  Furthermore, it does not work for values above / 100.  (The other one above does work for values over / 100.) 

What am I doing wrong?

  • Are you Updating the correct thing? Update can be used on Cues, Subs, Palettes, & Presets. Specifying the Preset and number is good form.

    Are you entering the command as listed? First item is 2 command lines.


    (1) [At] [FF] [Enter]  Channel 1 is a full.

    [Record] [Preset] (1) [Enter]   Records Preset 1.


    (1) [At] [Preset] (1) [Enter]

    [At] [/] (50) [Enter]     Channel 1 is at 50%

    [Update] [Preset] (1) [Enter]    Updates the preset.

    Does that help?

  • I am typing exactly as it says and I got the two problems I described.  Your sequence is different.  In particular, you have an [Update] that is missing from the manual.  I don't want to update the preset.  I want the cue to track the preset at a percent of it's value.  This is what is says, "The intensity link is maintained"  The channel should be linked to the preset with the percent value.  Storing it elsewhere breaks the link. The link is only retained in the original cue where it is recalled.

    The second version does not work for values >100 percent, but does for values <=100.

    This is a great concept, but I think the documentation is misleading or unclear and the board doesn't do what the documentation says.

  • I think the problem here is you are doing a [recall from].

    From a blank show file, 

    [1] [at] [full] [enter]

    [record] [preset] [1] [enter]

    Then look at the difference in your chan 1 data in Live tab between these two commands:

    1) [1] [recall from] [preset] [1]

    2) [1] [preset] [1]

    In example one it will just show chan 1 at 100 data. In example two it is referenced preset 1 data.

  • chances are this is wrong in the manual...