[BUG] Captured Manual Effects are Lost During Cue Change

If I give channels any kind of effect, capture them, and then go to cue enter, the effect stops running but remains displayed in the live table. The effect disappears from the table if  I update.

This problem also occurs if I advance the cue stack forward, and then go back. But it isn't a problem if I go forward and update in a different cue (but doesn't work if I go to cue in the future, or go backwards to a previous cue). So the way capture behaves with effects seems very inconsistent.

Running on Windows Nomad 2.9.1.

My color palette macro captures manual channels and then does a go to cue enter before uncapturing, to refresh any fixtures who might have just had their color palette changed, and happened to encounter this once when I hadn't updated an effect into the cue, and went to record a color palette.

Captured channels with effect listed, but not running