How to repair a file from an older version after show was corrupted

I was editing a macro and somehow the board hosed my magic sheet even though it was locked and I wasn't doing anything with it.  I don't know what else it did, if anything.  Specifically, the link to color disappeared from most/all of my color changing fixtures.  I exited and restarted, but that didn't fix the problem.  I saved it and I went back to an older version of the file, but that version was hosed too, even though it wasn't hosed when I saved it.  Somehow the magic sheets just lost the ability to link-to-color.  I finally got it back by opening the magic sheet for edit and closing it again.  Then the color link was restored, even though I didn't do anything but open and close it.

I edited the show quite a bit after that and then I noticed the magic sheet was missing a change I thought I had made earlier although I hadn't edited the magic sheet.  I went back through the saved versions and found it two versions back.  I'm guessing it may have disappeared along with the link-to-color, but I don't know.

Here's the question: how do I find out which changes have been lost if any?  Is it only the magic sheet or a bunch of cue edits too?  I could merge the old magic sheet, but did it lose anything else?  I made lots of cue changes and will probably miss at least a couple if I try to do them again.  Also, I don't know exactly where I was in my notes list and I was working out of order and checking off the ones I completed.  If I could find out which channels are different, I could recreate the changes. 

Has anybody seen something similar and know what might be lost?  The only solution I know is the go back over the five pages of notes one at a time and verify or redo them.  Does anyone have a better approach?

  • We don't necessary track exactly what was changed between show files directly.  You could export each save as ASCII and run a comparison on a text comparison program (essentially what you suggested but automated)- but I would absolutely understand not wanting to do so.
    What software version are yo u running on the console/ETCnomad?

  • Thanks.  I exported each file to .csv and then imported to Excel and compared.  The cues-only file is about 400 lines which is manageable; the list including Levels is 60,000 lines, which is not.  When I have some time I'll write an Excel macro to clean up the big file and show the difference only...  that's something to work on in downtime.

  • To maybe try and track how the file got corrupted: I only had something like this twice.

    • there was a bug in 2.7 and 2.7.1 (i think) that would do bad things to showfiles if Tab 100 (the manual) was open
    • really silly one: console date was wrong which messed with the sorting and timestamping of showfiles. the data was actually there, i just couldn't find it because i was opening the wrong showfiles.
  • As best I can determine, the only thing affected was the magic sheet.  At rehearsal last night the show changes were there.  (I made a change to the patch that was missing, but that may have been my mistake in making the change.)  At the time it got corrupted, I was running an effect and editing it live. 

    I don't know what it did to the magic sheet, but the noticeable thing was the link-to-color was missing.  When I finally got it to work (by going into edit for the magic sheet and exiting the edit) it was missing a couple of new buttons I added to the magic sheet earlier.  I rebuilt the buttons and all seems to be well now.