Ion Xe Self Rebooting

Our ion xe recently has been shutting down and rebooting all by itself. It’s done this one or two times before and been fine the next day, but it’s done it 4 time in the span of 2 hours today. This is the same issue that plagued our old board that we had to replace to fix the problem. We have to board on a dedicated power outlet with its own surge protector, but I have no idea what’s causing the problem. Any suggestions?

  • I just exported the console logs. These lines, in particular, look concerning, but I don't know what the error IDs mean: 

    2020 01 23 15:39:57, Event=Error, Source=Microsoft-Windows-LoadPerf, ID=3002, The performance counter explain text string value in the registry is not formatted correctly. The malformed string is . The first DWORD in the Data section contains the index value to the malformed string while the second and third DWORDs in the Data section contain the last valid index values.

    2020 01 23 15:41:02, Event=Other, Source=Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP, ID=903, The Software Protection service has stopped.

    2020 01 23 16:15:52, Event=Error, Source=VSS, ID=8193

  • HI Matthew.  I would like to suggest that if you console is crashing/shutting down you  might want to call our hotline for your region.  You could also send the log files in to use via eos (@) with an issue description and the date and time the issue occurred.