PSD tracking on Nomad

I've been running Ion for 10 years, with an RVI as an SM remote monitor for the cue list.  recently got a laptop in its place, loaded software etc.  all good, the console and laptop connect and sync.

However, the PSD (cue list) stayed sync'd with the active cue on 1 night, but on the second night she had to manually page or cursor down to keep the active cue on the screen.

Console is User 1, Master.  Laptop is User 3, Client (I think).

If I make laptop user 1 as well, in only shows the other screen (channel levels) and not the PSD.

What setting needs to change?



  • You see the Master of Desaster?
    If you have there any other Cue then the active Cue it will not work.

    LIVE:Cue XY:
    must be sync with the Cuelist you want show at third Monitor.
    You can change it via Keyboard at Nomad (third Monitor).
    In your case, change the User to User 1 will change automatic this line.
    The Client sync automatic with Maindesk.

    In Clientmodus with User 1 (same User as the Maindesk) the third Monitor ever show a "fixed" Monitor.
    Don`t nail me, but i think it is the Monitor B (from Console).
    So all you show at Monitor B the Client Monitor will show sync.

    If the LIVE:Cue XY Line between Maindesk and Clientmonitor is sync, the User you work with dosen`t matter.
    They can be different, your Client-PSD will follow the Maindesk.

  • In the Laptop you have to make your cuelist to the master playback because that's a per-user property. Type Cue 1/ and then press the Load button above the matter fader pair (might be labeled Master). The simplest way to achieve this would be the virtual facepanel

  • Thanks Ueliriegg.  it's amazing how many time that active cue list messes something up.

    (sorry for the delay in getting back.  too  many shows, too many days.)