ML Control Screen Problem

I am used to selecting a ML and, in the bottom of the left hand screen having the Profile show me the usual P&T, Int. Colors and so on. Just like the one you would see if you opened a "ML Controls" (Tab 5) on the right screen. Please see the picture below. But, on visiting the booth today and trying to move/color a ML I saw a very abbreviated version of the ML screen on the bottom left, after pressing the ML key. I.E. There was no Color XY chart. How can I correct this?

See the bottom left. This came up on pressing [ML]. It presented a very abbreviated view on the ML's profile so that no color choices could be made. However, all of the ML's parameters could be seen and operated on by opening a ML window to the right. The odd part of this, is that last week  I popped in and everything was completely normal. I.E The bottom Left [ML] was identical, with all functions as show on a normal ML sheet on the right screen. So what happened? I have "GO" button techs running shows of a night time who call me at home and complian "The Screens have gone weird!" So I tell them to click the camera and then the drop down that to load 'Snapshot 1' (what a great tool this is). But in this case, while we do get our normal screen layout we still suffer the ML problem above.

  • On the screen on the left, there is a square icon underneath the home icon, and on the screen on the right, there is a horizontal line underneath the home icon. These are minimize and maximize icons that can be used to suppress certain parameters. If you click on the square on the left screen, your ML controls tab should be back to normal. It's an interesting discovery that snapshots don't capture that.

  • Thank you for that Cody. The person running the play was only supposed to touch the GO" button!  My notes on "How the "#$% do we get out of that!" continue to grow.

  • Cody, the plot thickens: Opened the console earlier today and the lower left ML Panel was "All there"


    Hmm! Because of the number of calls I've had about "Weird Screen layouts" (Read "I poked things I wasn't supposed to poke") I installed a startup macro that evokes my #1 snapshot - the one I used yesterday that did not correct the problem. Is it possible the snapshot is working differently under a macro then from the camera pull down. There are a lot of "Home" icons on the screen. Can you be a bit more specific. I didn't have much time but could not find the setup you talked about. See my larger picture.

  • Interesting. I think it's more likely that on startup, the ML controls revert to a default setting with everything expanded.

    The minimize/maximize button only appears under the home buttons for the 6 main parameter categories - ie, Intensity, Focus, Color, Form, Image, Shutter. So Zoom and Iris do not have their own buttons, but Form does. Does that make sense?

  • Probaby more likely than the Snapshot idea. I'll try this out. Yep, does now. I found the min/max boxes without any problems. Thank you