settings in one area affects settings in another

I am running off an Element board. I recently readdressed the instruments in my studio to clean it p and make it easier to add new fixtures etc. We recently noticed that when I bring up the fader for one venue of the studio, the fixtures will slightly dim in another venue. It only happens with these two venues (each venue is on a separate fader). My fixtures are 95% Kino Parabeams 85s and 45s. In the patching they are defined as dimmers. The venue that is experiencing the dimming effect is addressed 100-107 and the other venue is addressed 108-120. Just confused.

  • I assume when you re-addressed the fixtures you also adjusted the addresses assigned in patch?
    When you bring one fader up or down, do you see the values in the channel tiles for the other venue change on the screen, or only in the space but levels on screen stay stable? 

  • All of the patches stayed the same. And there is no change in the levels on the screen. There is a click from one of the Image 85s when the change happens. I am begining to think it mat be a either a cable issue (they do go bad) or the the age of the fixtures may be the issue. (14 year old Kino Image 85s)