no channel intensity values displayed at all... bug?channels with empty values

In the live table on our Element console we can no longer see the manual intensities on the screen. Only when we go to a cue the values are displayed correctly.

So in other words: when i hit 1 @ 60% nothing changes on the screen at all! the lamp does physically go to 60% 

Any ideas? wrong setting somewhere? thanks

  • On the face of the console, there is a button that is labeled "Flexi" if I remember your console correct it is in the top right area of the console. If you hold down this button while on the live table a menu will pop up, and I would recommend pressing "patched" and then the live table will only display the channels you have patched. This should fix your issue, but if that does not work you can also press format and see if changing the format of the tombstones may help it.

  • there is no Flexi mode that would hide manual values...

  • View Chans would kind of hide manual values, if you deselect them after you set them, or if you're setting the levels on a different user than the display. Anne, are you setting the levels through another device by chance, like an iPad?

  • Thanks for the replies, it had nothing to do with flexi or format. Still don't really understand it: there was no values displayed but when hitting sneak the percentage did go down on the top section of the tombstone. The lamp also went on.

    We fixed it: gear wheel bottom left - reset Eos defaults (although they weren't changed) and restart. 

  • Restart of the desk, which is an older Element desk that receives regular updates.