[Bug] Absolute FX reverse - starts at 2nd action


i maded 2 Absolute FX and one is the reverse of the other.

The reverse is a exact copy of the first.

And i noticed that the reversed FX is starting at the 2nd step. And that makes them look not be in sync.

I ended up to rewrite the 2nd FX. But only hitting the reverse-option would be rather likeable.



  • It does make sense in most cases.

    However I think all you need to do to make it work the way you want is to add in a new last step in the pattern being the same as your original first step and remove the current first step.  (as when reversed it starts at the last step)

    eg it there were 10 steps then do

    effect 1 action 1 copy to 11

    effect 1 action 1 delete

    (You could try doing a move to instead of copy and delete but for me whilst it did the move, it didn't actually remove step 1 it just duplicated 2 as step 1 which is probably a bug, so you still had to do a delete anyway)