Issue with Snapshots

I want to adjust the different tabs to fit how I like it. For example, I would like to have the CUELIST tab open at all times on one of my monitors. I do not want the cues so I uncheck that. I also make a couple changes like zooming out, specific categories for the cuelist, etc. I then press Record Snapshot 11 Enter. I have attempted to go back to UPDATE Snapshot (#) but it does not allow that. I also have attempted this record sequence both in Live and Blind. 

Once it is saved, I press the snapshot button to take me to a different SS. I then recall Snapshot 11. The CUELIST tab is back to the original settings. I have attempted to lock the tab prior to saving. I have not encountered this issue with any other settings I have adjusted. Just CUELIST for some reason.

Also, I have saved both VISIBLE Workspaces as well as ALL workspaces. 

I would like the adjustments I make to the CUELIST tab to record with the rest of the snapshot. 

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time!