Push Button to enable (no toggle)

Hi there,

I'm trying to install some buttons, which I can push to switch on a certain light with a certain colour and when I release the button the light should switch off again (no toogle, as normal).

Could anybody tell me what Kind of command I could use for that?

I'm working with a gio @5 and am thankful for any advice.


  • Hi Lennart

    put the channel in a submaster and use the flash button.


  • Hi Dirk, 

    thanks a lot for your reply! 

    Yes, that is a way it works, indeed.

    Obviously I didn't make clear, what exactly I want to do:Cry I would like to create a magic sheet with numerous buttons, which I can push live at a show, to control specific lights - light a light jockey with a kind of virtual trackpad. Therefore I'm looking for a command to use for the buttons (e. g. Button 1 = Group 1, yellow light @ 100; Button 2 = Group 1, blue light @ 100; ... Button 11 = Group 2, yellow light @ 100...). But only as long as I push the button. 

    So, I'm looking for a specific command-line. 

    Maybe anybody has another suggestion. I would be very thankful. 

    Thanks in advance! 


  • I though that I had posted this suggestion before, but I think it got lost. Have you tried playing with the Flash_On command in a macro? I’m not if it would work in this context or not, but it’s accessed through the face panel with Shift+Full for recording purposes.

  • There is not a way to program separate events for a magic sheet button for button down/button up.

    If you're looking for something command line specific, the best recommendation I would have would be to have a second button that you can tap to clear out whatever the previous button did: Clear_CmdLine Select_Last Sneak 0 Enter.

    Not a single-button solution but...

  • Thank you Jake. Just like you mentioned, it is not exactly what I was looking for but maybe it could help me already. I will try this, too as soon as I'll be back at the gio... 

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