Display Master Playback Status and snapshots

Updating a snapshot with the only change being clicking on the Display Master Playback Status in the gear menus of the PSD results in the next time the snapshot is played there is a space for the display but nothing shows. Hitting the snapshot multiple times doesn't help. Version 2.9.1 on Windows 7 Ion Classic and also Mac nomad.


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  • Updating Snapshot 1 with the Display Master Playback Status checked on the PSD in Monitor 2 workspace 1 but with the focus on the PSD in frame 2 of workspace 2. Then play back snapshot 1 and switch to workspace 1 on monitor 2. The gap for the playback display in the PSD is there but nothing is showing in it. Going to any other snapshot and then back to snapshot 1 will fix the display, but playing the snapshot 1 more than once removes it again. I hope this helps.