Converting Eos showfiles to Cobalt

If you find yourself touring and you need to convert an Eos showfile to Cobalt, please send your Eos show file to e2c AT etcconnect DOT com. It is not possible to read EOS ASCII exports directly into Congo or Cobalt, but we have the ability within ETC to convert your show file to get the most data out as is possible. A converted file requires Cobalt 7.3.1 or newer.

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  • If you need to import a Cobalt file to Eos, first be sure to have saved it as an ASCII file (default for version 7.3.1 and prior) and then use Eos' File>Import>USITT ASCII option in the browser to import the Cobalt show file data into Eos. See for more details about Eos' import.

  • Thanks! So there is no further dark magic involved?
    What can I expect to get out of the ASCII file?
    Levels for shure but what´s about discrete timings, NIPs and so on?

  • No further dark magic.

    Depending on your programming, you should definitely get intensity levels and cue timing. Discrete timing is handled differently between the two platforms and is likely to be lost, as will any effects. Eos will do its best to correlate fixture personalities but if you don't like the results with the import option for library fixtures, choose the option for custom fixtures instead to force the creation of custom personalities as defined in the Cobalt ASCII file.

    Cobalt's decimal channels are not likely to import as well since Eos uses a different scheme for multicell fixtures, but you may see the cell data in the higher channel numbers depending on what you have Eos' channel count set to use.

    Ultimately, anytime that you are transferring from one platform to another, you will want to take the time to verify the show data and playback before going into the event.

  • Thanks a lot!
    Of course we have to check if everything fit´s our needs but right now I don´t know nothing about the show, have no video, plot or showfile. Not even a clue how much time we´ll have on stage.
    For now I just want to know what to expect.
    I´ll have the show open in cobalt on my Laptop anyway problem is I don´t know knothing about cobalt...

    So I have the chance to learn about it :-)

    Thx so far!

    P.S.: One last question for now: Do I have to expect great differences between ASCII import from Congo and a recent Cobalt SW-Version? 

  • Depends on which version of Congo the original file was saved in, but I don't expect to see great differences. If you are, feel free to PM me with the details and show files and we can take a look.

  • Thx a million! I´ll come back at you when I´m getting closer...