Color fade's incorrect work

Hello, dear ETC community's citizens!

So, this is a task I have: I need a transition from one color to another (in this case from orange to blue) during two cues & I don't need a white color in the middle of transition. I have an A. Wash 1500 by CP with CMY mixing system. In this case I usually use a Brightness attribute to make a transition through mixing all the colors in one time. I had this option before in show, but since some moment (I still don't know why & what happened, nothing is changed in Color Path settings) it doesn't work anymore. Now on the stage I see a transition through white color & I can see in real time by fixture's color attributes that there's no situation of mixing all colors anymore. You can see my Color Path settings on image below.

So, the question is: what can I do in this case to make it work? Any thoughts?

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