Is there a roadmap to integrate RDMNET in the upcoming 3.x versions

  • I'm not certain on what level your question is and no one else has touched it, so let me start this off by saying RDMNET is an upgraded version of ETC's Net3 Concert protocol already in use. RDMNET's "Broker" exists as the Net3 Conductor. You can transmit RDM data over network via an ETC Net3 Gateway.

    If you're asking specifically about ANSI 1.33, I have no idea.

  • Over on tsp.esta.org/.../cp.html you can ask the folks in charge. 

    Since they wrote RDM NET I'd say the simplest answer is yes. There may be complications...

  • First a bit of background - RDMnet or E1.33 is an industry standard protocol for transporting RDM data over the network (unlike the current situation where most manufacturers have a non-standardized way of doing this, e.g. ETC has Net3, it's somewhat handled in Artnet, and so on).

    The RDMnet standard was ratified by ESTA late last year. Here at ETC we are keen proponents of industry standards so we are planning to implement RDMnet, but like any big change it will take some time.

    The first place you will see RDMnet implemented will be in the Response Mk2 gateways and in Concert. We will support RDMnet in parallel with our existing Net3 method so we will retain compatibility across the board.

    Once we have that solution up and working, we will begin rolling out support to the rest of our product line including consoles.

    Since this is all in development I can't give you a definite timeline for anything; however I can say we hope to have an RDMnet enabled version of software for the Response Mk2 DMX gateways and Concert before the end of this year.

    We are hoping that RDMnet will achieve good acceptance within the industry - to help with that we are providing the underlying software for free, which is at https://github.com/ETCLabs/RDMnet if you are interested in the under-the-hood workings of this.

    Let me know if you have more questions!