Nomad in a Computer Lab

I am currently using the Nomad software in a computer lab a our Small College.  I have it installed on 10 computers and we are using Vectorworks Vision as a pre-visualizer.  The console controls being used on one computer conflicts with students working on another.  How do we set it up so the networked computers only see DMX commands from the local workstations?  

  • Hi ,

    This can be a complex issue setup depending on what else you need to do during the exercise.

    The easiest option is to remove the computers from the network during the exercise.

    If you can't remove the computers from the network, you can have each station use a unique patch range (e.g.: Universes 1-10 for the first station, 11-20 for the second, etc...) and have the students adjust their patch accordingly.

    If that's not a possibility, you might try working with your campus IT group to configure your switches in that lab to block the level data from being output on other network ports. This process will vary depending on protocol in use and you will want to test that Vectorworks can see the data from the local network interface and isn't relying on receiving it back from the switch.