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Hope this is the right place to ask these Nomad questions:

Apart from the 'dongle' (about $575) we would also need a USB/DMX output box right? In which case has anyone used the ENTTEC PRO/USB?

The pre-reqs call for a Windows 7 OS. How about Windows 10? I run EOS at home on Win10 to practice and trouble shoot the Element 2 at the theatre.

  • Eos nomad will work on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    to output DMX you can go with either a USB or a network solution. if you want to go USB you will have to go with the ETC Gadget II (at least for a straight forward USB solution). this has driver reasons. if you go network you can use of course ETC products but also 3rd party products, as long as they can listen to (and correctly react as per the standard) sACN or ArtNet protocols.

  • OK, well we're not in the sACN or Artnet league yet - though at home I use one of them to run simulations in Capture. But I think I have what  need to know now thanks 

  • BTW Even though you are not using sACN currently, its still an option to use it with the Nomad backup. 

    It's also probably less expensive to get the sACN/Artnet box and it gives you more flexibility in the future, and generally its all a bit more robust than the USB option.  (Its more or less just a box that looks the same as the entec usb one but has an ethernet connector instead of the usb (it might have a usb connector for its power as well for power eg from a phone charger etc).

    And if you are already using sACN on your setup for capture you know its not really that challenging to switch it on

  • Oh, that really is informative. I have no experience using Artnet (other than at home) as our Theatre capacity is well within a single (DMX) univers. However, with the exponential increase in address requirements as we introduce more and more complex devices I've been meaning to educate myself. So, this would be a very good intro for me. Thank you. 

  • There is another reason to look into the networked approach: It's much simpler to have a true master/backup system with networked output:

    for a backup to know that the master is "dead" you need a network connection anyway. This is also how the backup is aware that the master currently is in Cue 15 and the house light sub is at 20%. So you already have a network switch with a network cable going to the element and to the nomad.

    to use DMX in this networked system you would need a DMX merger (black box that takes two DMX inputs and generates one output). without the merger you would have to unplug the DMX line (or multiple lines in the future) from the back of the console and take them over to the nomad and plug them there (in the right order!). all this while everybody is freaking out.

    so in the DMX world you have those two approaches: stress or buying an additional box (the merger). this is on top of buying the ETC Gadget II.

    in the network world you would have to buy one additonal box (on top of the switch that you need in DMX and network world to make sure your backup system is up-to-date at all times): the box that converts network to DMX (ETC calls them Gateway).

  • Thanks again for thinking "forward". I've scooped both your replies into a "Network Notes" working document. I'll use them in a request for money from the Theater's Board of Directors.

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  • Robert, Is there any 'educational' connection to your theatre?  If so, the ETCnomad Education Package is an excellent deal.

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