Changing scroller colors

we are currently slightly changing the colors in our scrollers. So some colors move to another Frame. Because EOS save the colors of a scroller as a Framenumber, we lose correct colors in existing shows. Is there an easy way to keep the correct colors? We didn't save our scrollercolors as pallets, what obviously would make it easier. Actually i am working on a macro that replaces absolut scrollercolors with pallets, but maybe there is an easier way that we didn't found?
Thanks in advance, Wanja!

  • You can still save your colours as Palettes. It's not too late.

    Then go back through your cue list and change from raw data to referenced data (Palettes)

    That way when you change your scrollers now, or in the future, it's just a matter of updating your Palettes. or if you switch to LED colour mixing fixtures. Just update your Palettes.

    This doesn't save you work now, but it saves you from repetitive work in the future.