Feature Request - RDM over Artnet

Can we please get support for a newer version of artnet that supports RDM? I have a bunch of Astera LED tubes that can do RDM over artnet wirelessly but EOS doesn’t support it. Additionally it would be nice to have the option to do RDM over third party non ETC nodes, but I can understand why ETC would want to keep it only for their own nodes over NET3. I know RDMNET is coming soon but whether it will be adopted by most lighting manufacturers is another question. 

  • I'd also be interested in this. I have Swisson XND-4 nodes and they support RDM over Artnet while also receiving sACN. 

  • I think ETC will support RDMNET in near future. The problem are the third party companies how think that ArtNet is well constructed protocol.
    These companies want to save cost and their ACN implementations are very poor.

  • RDM by arnet would be fine, but it would be better to respect the standards E1.31 E1.17 .... I also advocate not having captive RDM, which depends on the strategies of different manufacturers .... users need compatibility, for Please .. it is not any kind of reproach. Innocent