Assigning groups to palettes in magic sheets?

Probably a stupid question and I'm sure it's a quick fix for most of you but I'm new to the software.

I'm trying to set up a magic sheet and have two groups with separate colour palettes. It looks like this: /resized-image/__size/223x127/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/15/Colour-palettes-1.PNG

I have the Groups On buttons as commands (ie. Group 1 at Full) and I can then select colours on my palettes in the MS. However, I was wondering if there was a way to assign palettes to groups. When I click on group 2 on, then try to change the colour of group one, the command line still things I'm trying to change the colour of group two and since group two is entirely Technobeams which have preset colours, it doesn't do anything (vice versa for group one). Is there a way to make colour palettes automatically know which group they're assigned to or to have the magic sheet tell the colour palette which group it's targeting? Thanks in advance!

  • I realised I explained this poorly. In other words, when I click on a colour palette in magic sheets, it just says Colour Palette X on the command line, so I have to reselect the group I'm trying to target. Is there any way I can assign groups to Colour Palettes so when I click on a colour palette, the colour of the lights changes instanstly?

  • Short answer: macros

  • Yep I worked this out about 5 minutes after leaving the comment. Is there any way to have more than 100? I doubt I'll need that many but I'm just curious.

  • do the palettes have more channels in them than the group you want to recall them with?

    Group 1 has Chan 1 Thru 5
    does the palette also have Chan 1 Thru 5 or does it have Chan 1 Thru 10?

    if a palette only has the same channels as the group, then you can use the synatx "RecallFrom ColorPalette 1 Enter", which is what double-clicking the palette does, if in Setup>Device>Displays>DirSel.Dbl.Click is enabled.

    more than 100 macros? you can have 99,999 macros...

  • Others have answered the actual question but I wonder if you are missing a trick here.

    As the colour pallete can have many fixtures in it (and all different types) and is only applied to the fixtures you select,  your magic sheet can have simply two group select buttons and one set of colour palletes.   

    So then you click the group, and then click the colour.   That gives you a lot more options as you can have the same fixture in many groups (eg every other fixture, the left ones, the back ones etc).  If you are busking then you click the groups you want (probably laid out on the magic sheet as to where they are on the stage etc) and then hit the colour.

    Obviously if you want to do the literal single button on the sheet, then you set the command directly in the magic sheet against the button (literally typing in the words of the command) or use a macro (which you can record and so is easier) and either use the RecallFrom ColorPalette 1 Enter from the other post or just group and colour palette)

  • That's a good point. I'll bear that in mind for the future, thanks!