Alternatives for Motorized Faders

Good morning everyone. Are there viable options for motorized faders outside ETC? Looking for a way to incorporate more faders but may not be able to come up with the money for a 10 fader wing directly from ETC. Although not ideal, does anyone have experience with cheaper alternatives? Prefer motorized faders but open to manual. 

Any info is apprecaited!


  • I'm using a Behringer X-Touch extender with some software I wrote that does the midi to osc interface.  (Potentially could have used luminous to interface it but wanted to be in complete control).

    Its a nice bit of kit and motorised.

    I have the faders(1-7) mapped to the desk faders with their labels displaying,  use the gain knobs (1-7) for encoders with push coarse normally fine positioning.   I can select fader banks(actually ranges eg 1-7,8-14 etc) by turning rotary 8 and push and rotate to select the encoders displayed. The 8th fader is the intensity of the currently selected channel on the desk.   Its all both ways so the faders move and the dial markers move to show the value on the encoders etc.

    I've not mapped the buttons to bumps yet but that's straight forward.

  • Hi!

    with a little bit of arduino/teensy knowledge, you can build your own faderwing:

    Motorized faders are always quite expensive. But this is the cheapest (and most challenging) solution I know about. 

    Have fun!