Help "User 1 Client Disconnected"

We lost our Wi-Fi remote and I went into the shell to check IP addresses etc. (Element 2). But when I came back into the main client things looked very different and on top of the CIA area (in red) was "User 1 Client Disconnected". Our show did not load and I couldn't open Settings. Ouch!. Can't think of what I changed but must have tripped something somewhere. Can any one help here please.

  • When you went back into Element did you click on Client rather than Primary?  If so, exit to the shell again and choose Primary.

  • Oh woops. I'm going back in after lunch - I think I did hit "client". I'll let you know if this doesn't work. I really need to open the book and look at lot of the setup, client and user stuff. Thank you for the quick reply and you guys keeps safe.We need you.