Busking on Element 2

I am trying to set up a busking showfile for an Element 2 using Nomad. I am following along with the ETC busking video series. Dave is explaining that to make a Base, Blueout, and Band look you must create a preset and separate cue list. On Element you can only use 1 cue list and I'm not sure how to make a submaster run a preset. Does anyone know how to make these looks on an Element 2?

Thanks for the help!

  • There's little difference between normal submaster contents and a preset. Unless I've forgotten something the only difference is the linking and referencing a preset can do. 

  • The big difference is that presets can be stacked on a fader. just like a cuelist stacks cues, a fader can also have such a stack of presets.

  • Oh that is new to me.

    Could you elaborate?How would I do that?

  • Preparing Video

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    The last part is to apply channel or parameter filters. if you don't need that, just ignore.