cleaning Ion and touchscreens

Original Ion, and touchscreens.  What is the best way to sanitize the console surfaces?  Keys, faders, case, touchscreens?  Yes this is COVID related, and  not just regular grime.

Bleach solution rather than an alcohol solution?

will a typical touchscreen work with PPE (nitrile) gloves?

I recall something posted back in March / early April, but can't find anything on the website or Twitter account.

Thanks everyone.  good luck returning to work, whatever that work looks like.


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  • Thanks Starksk.  I tried to work my way back to that site following the address but I can't seem to get there with that method.  No button that leads to General.

      (Don't worry, following your link worked).

    In a multi-user venue, the advice (cloth damp with water only) isn't the most satisfactory.  any users aware of what will do the least damage to the surface / plastic / screens on the console?

    Thanks very much everyone.


  • Screens can take a normal screen cleaner.

    If you are worried about viruses and so on your consoles it is better the users are clean then you clean the consoles afterwards. So if users have masks and wash hands and use hand sanitizer with alcohol before touching the console you do not need the cleaning afterwards. A bottle hand sanitizer next to the console and clean off hands before touching it is the best way I think. If the console don't get dirty it do not need kleaning!