link a channel to another

hey guys,

is there the possibility to link a channel to another one?
For example every time channel 1 intensity is going up the intensity from channel 2 is going up automatically and reverse?

I know i can copy the intensity afterward or setting both channels but sometimes i would be easier if i don`t take care while changing.

I noticed eos has a link function but i think it works for linking cues only.

So I am excited for your replies.
Thank`s and best regards

  • If you want two light to behave the same, you can patch them to the same channel obviously. Also in patch you can copy the show data of one fixture to another. During programming it is not possible To link two channels. But you could use GROUPS instead of channels if you are selecting fixtures.

    I wished you could program a show using groups and every time you add a channel to those groups it would automatically be added to the cues that were built with these groups as well. But that does not exist.