Catch error in macro

Hey there,

is there a way to catch "errors" in macros?

In my busking showfile there is a group 97 where all RGB fixtures are automaticly stored. This is done by another macro. Fixtures 9001 increasing are copies of fixtures that have been in my showfile. Since I have a lot of by type, it helps me with storing these data when actually not patching one of these.

When I patch new fixtures, I want to update these CP. Again it is done by a macro. At the moment it's done by picking Group 97 and setting the specific values and storing them in those CP. But when I've made changes to one color of one fixture type, it is overwritten by this CP-update-macro.

I thought about chaning the macro to "Group 97 Query can't be CP [xyz]" for only picking those fixtures, that are not included in those CP. But when I execute the macro later again, there is this error channel list is empty.

Is there a way to catch this error and say like "if Group 97 Query can't be CP [xyz], then do the following commands, else skip this"...?

So I am excited for your replies.

Thanks, Lars