ETC Nomad Issues with Windows 10 Pro May 2020 Release

I'm currently having installation issues with Eos Console Software V2.9.1 on the latest Windows 10 pro software release.

I successfully and easily installed the Nomad software on a PC running Windows 10 version 10.0.1862.752

However, when installing on the new computer currently running the latest Windows 10 2020 update (19041.1) the "Blue Screen of Death" or Windows Stop appears and continually fails. The computer doesn't resume normal operation until ETC/EOS is removed.

From what I can tell, the only difference between the computers is the software. I'm hesitant to update the computer running the older software, and successfully running EOS to confirm this.

It appears what is causing the failure is installing the drivers.

The computer that works successful installed in the ETC folder 5 folders, the computer that isn't working just 2 (see below). The folders that are missing are the driver ones.

Can anyone help on this issue?


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  • Thanks @BrianH.

    I was able to wind back the Windows 10 version to the one before.

    If I do update (or more likely Windows 10 forces me) to 2004, will I encounter the same issue, or is it just in installation?

  • I believe it should only be during installation. At least, I'm not aware of the presence of the driver causing a BSOD in v2004 at this time. From the testing I did I wasn't able to get Windows to upgrade to v2004 with the dongle driver from 2.9.1 installed. So hopefully Thales and Microsoft get this sorted.