Color Effect in cue that triggers CP Playlist

Hey there,

one of my cuelists contains no color information but intensity, focus and beam information. Once first cue is triggered, it goes to the next cue every five minutes and wraps around after all cues are played. It is used for DJing when I do not have the time to take care of the light. But I do not want to have it look the same every seven cues so I created ten color pallets containing different color combinations of this fixtures. So every 70 cues it looks the same. This means every 5.8 hours. That's enough.

But my problem is, when I want to use color effects in that cuelist, it is overwritten by that color pallet.

That's the color pallet playlist. Containing CPs 11 thru 20. It's priority 3 so I can easily overwrite it manually.

Cuelist 9 has default priority 4.

PSD: Macro 264 just presses the bump button of fader 26/4 and that's the CP Playlist shown above.

Does anybody know how I can use color effects in that cuelist?

So I am excited for your replies.

Thanks everybody.

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  • Hey, thank you for your answer.

    I tried it. It did not change.

    I guess the macro is triggered after all cue values are set. So macro and so the color pallet takes Precedence as latest. But even when that CP is Priority 2 and that cuelist priority 4, in my opinion cuelist has to take precedence.

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