Color pallets and level control from a sub?

I have Chauvet Colorado Batten 72 Tours in Block 2 (MC) 3 cell mode.
If I create a sub for these fixtures with intensity only on the master channel {1.0@100; Record sub 1} I can correctly control intensity but if I want to select them with the Select button or 'group sub 1' I can not apply color pallets because the master does not have color info.
If I create the sub using 1@full; record sub 2 I get logarithmic level control (because both master and cells are controlled) but I can select color pallets.

If I create the sub for Cells Only the master isn't affected and I need to also have a sub for the master (or set a home value for it)

How do I get correct level control and color selection? I'm sure I am overlooking something very simple here.



  • Is the goal to set the intensity via the Sub and then set color with a simple selection?  Have you made groups of your MC fixtures? 
    You could have a sub with intensities for the cells and the master, but no color value.  I found this easiest to create in blind, personally.

  • If you do create a sub with the cells and master at the same time you get e.g. cell@25% of master@25% = output@6.25% in your intensity. The fader becomes non linear.

    In other setups (without MC fixtures) I have in the past used the select button on the sub, chosen a color palette and then raised the fader. I can create these fixtures as individual channels and still do that but I am asking how to do the same basic thing for a MC config.

  • Ill continue to look into this but as a workaround the button could be mapped as a macro and then can do just about anything you want- calling a group selection might be easiest this way.

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