ML Cleanup

I made a really simple profile as practice. It works great. But in the ML to the left of my little 'Color" boxes there is a Color "dimmer" control. Can I get rid of it to reduce clutter?

  • I'm not aware of a way to hide this in a custom profile.

  • Okeedokee. Thanks Sarah.

  • Hey Robert- I was wrong!  You can close it by clicking the area where it says "Color Select::Green" in your image and it will collapse the fader.

  • Hmm! I think the profile I was talking about had a problem because a number of others I have looked at do not have the Color Select wheel if the profile has the color range split up among the 'color' buttons. Thinking about it, it would be redundant to have the wheel when you have gone to the trouble of identifying the various colors to go into (easy to select) buttons. And having said all this why clicking on green in this case would make it disappear also seems odd. I'm putting it down to a faulty profile. Thank you for your help here. Profiles are things you don't think about when you can easily pull one out of the library, but making them yourself is a whole new world (for me anyway).  

  • Finally! I found that if I make a MODE without an associated SELECT then I will see the buttons that will snap to the HOME value within each named range without the "Wheel" appearing in the ML panel. I'm gradually plowing through the Mode / Select relationships when the Mode is 'not virtual' (has DMX offset) and is 'Virtual' (No offset)