Ion Firmware update "Please connect console" trouble shooting question.

I am attempting to upgrade/update the firmware on an Ion after having updated to the latest software. 

Version 2.9.1 Build 17 

However when I go to update it using the "Upgrade I/O Firmware" button in the maintence tab the I/O downloader does not get past the "Please connect console" status. 

I am doing this same process at 4 seperate venues each with an Ion, and each updating from the same previous software. Of the 3 I have attempted two have been able to update/upgrade. I ran into the same problem at one of the other venues however after a few hours of regular board use I tried again and it was able to update. This however has not happened with the board I am currently working on. The 3rd board updated within minutes. As far as I can tell the main difference between the boards/spaces is that the two which have had some issues have a ETCnet2 DMX nodes in the space. I am not horribly familiar with the nodes system so am unsure wether this truly is the problem but from observation that would seem to be the major difference. I have disconnected them/ran board in offline but have not been sucessful. I did nothing at the other venvue with Net2 nodes between the update failing and working. 

Does anyone know if my suspicion is correct or if I am simply missing something else?

I thought I would reach out here prior to calling etc support.