[bug] Nomad v3.0.0 build 389 Stock Effect Tracking Behavior

Hi Folks,

Came across a (suspected) bug tonight in a Capture programming session:

When using stock effect 901, it seems to behave as if the repeat on go attribute is on whether it is or not. I had it applied to a range of fixtures in a cue that tracked for several more cues. Every go past the initial cue had the effect restart from home. Tried turning repeat on go on and off again both in tab 13 and in the live effect popup with no changes in behavior, whether it was on or off. Copying 901 to a different effect number maintains this behavior. Creating a separate generic linear (default pan/tilt circle) does not produce this behavior. 

I, unfortunately, did not get the chance to check if the other stock effects have the same issue or not. 

Is anyone else able to replicate this or is there just something wonky in my file?