Bug or problem with background macro


(using 3.0.0 build 389)

i've got a problem with background macros

for example i have a show with 3 cues

in cue 1 is channel 1 at full 2 and 3 at 0

in cue 2: 1@0 2@full 3@0

in cue 3: 1 and 2 @ 0 and 3@full

i'm in cue 2 and type Group cue @ 50 enter, channel 2 is now at 50%

i build a macro with group cue @ 50 enter and change the macro to background mode and run it

now channel 1 is at 50 %

GO into next cue 3

type group cue @ 50 enter; channel 3 is now 50%

start the macro, channel 1 is at 50 %

it seems user 0 ("the background mode user") is still standig in the first cue.

there are no differents how i came to cue 2, Go; GotoCue; GotoCue complete.

everytime user 0 use the first cue of the cuelist (verified in Tab99)

Bug or feature???


  • mapping of the master playback cuelist is on a per user basis.

  • i tested with user 1 go for cue 2

    change to user 2 and group cue @ 50 changed channel 2

    both user cuelists know the cue which is live

    and how can i change the master playback cuelist for user 0? i think, i can't!

    we used a similar macro to power off unused hmis.

    group with all hmis - group cue 1/Last thru enter lamp off

    this worked since 2 years with 2.9 and also since 3.0, but if we used gotoCue complete, group cue 1/last is the first cue in the cuelist in spite of the cue before the cue in live (in the background macro, typing it manual it is like expected)

  • Hi Dirk, apologies for the delay.  I took a look at this yesterday, and what you are trying to accomplish is not possible in a background Macro for more than one cue list, and mostly successful for a single list (Cue List 1).

    Background Macro:

    Group Cue 1/ Last Next @ 50 Enter

    (Beware this will not work for the first cue in your list.)

    I am writing this up for the Development Team to review.