Robe Spikie problem

Hi everyone!

We were trying to use some Robe Spikies for the first time since we updated our Gio to eos 3 and we hadsome issues.

An Effect Macro was on by default and we found no way to turn it off. Until eos 2.9 there was an Fx MAcro 0 that would turn all FX Macros off, but it disappeared (Fx Macros now start at 1, which means a macro is on by default)

We were going to mess around editing the fixture personality, but it was easier to downgrade the fixture version. And everything worked fine.

Notice that, while using the spikie new personality on augment3d, the fixture had no macro turned on. But in real life, it did.

We tryed both spikie modes, by the way.

Any idea how to solve this? Any chance that we made any mistake?